Beside the Sea – My First Week in Malmö

I spent most of my first week in Sweden exploring Malmö and attending the various orientation events setup by my school.

Orkanen - the university library.

Malmö Canal.

For me, the biggest highlight here was a class picnic held in the shadow of Turning Torso in the Malmö harbour.

Picnic spot. The hole in the ground is actually a speaker that blasts music out over the space.

At this point, everything was still feeling quite surreal. The fact that I was beside the sea (THE SEA!) was enough to throw me for a bit of a loop. Though I didn’t think much of it before coming here, the feeling of being next to (and living beside) a significant body of water is an altogether different experience than what I had  in Ontario, Canada.

Heading back from the picnic.

Things like seas and oceans and Europe all felt very far away when I was growing up, and to have seen them all at 23 – full while knowing that some Ontarians have never seen them – made me feel extremely lucky.

I also felt lucky to have spotted a double rainbow during the picnic.

What does it mean?

Unfortunately, this joke was never popular in Europe so all of the “It’s so intense” jokes I made fell on closed ears. I thought they were hilarious.

For ethnography purposes, I also took it upon myself during this first week to sample most of the Swedish beers available at the Systembolaget (the Swedish liquor store) and at several of the local watering holes.

"The Beer That Made Sweden Famous".

With the exception of one brand – TT (Three Towns) – all of these were very underwhelming. Sweden, you may win in the cheap but stylish furniture department, but Canada is killing you in the beer category.

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  • Brad Bondy

    Hey Buddy,

    Just wanted to drop you a line and tell ya that the blog is great so far. Surprised I’ve actually been following it? Same here.

    Keep it up man.


  • Richelle

    Scott Meadows!!
    I saw this link on my news feed and decided to take a browse! Alike you I am living on the ocean; English Bay specifically in Van city! So I def understand the huge change!! It sounds like you are having a great time so far!! Hope all is well!

  • Ali

    Sounds awesome Scott! Living next to the elements can be really humbling – it’s quite different than being in a city with no sign of nature.

    Nice try with the ‘ethnography’, PBSM. <3