UI Designs

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At, I am responsible for designing, implementing and A/B testing new features – these are some of my favourites from the last few years.

Deals page redesign:

The deals page features the best promotions for the world’s most popular cities.

In the original design of the page, property and price information were overlaid on top of the property images. This obscured the images and made the text difficult to read.

The price was also displayed in a bright red ribbon, giving the page a “cheap” aesthetic. Since the team’s goal was to communicate value (not cheapness), I designed the cards so the discounts and original prices are displayed using brand colors instead of bright red.

Original design


Meet your host:

In addition to hotels, also features vacation rental properties. Customers often have extra questions about these types of properties and the host is usually best suited to answer them.

Showing the property owner’s name and photo on the booking confirmation page gives customers a chance to “meet” their hosts and the contact button encourages customers to reach out to owners directly if they have any questions.

Date flexibility:’s default search feature requires customers to enter specific dates and locations for their trips. Customers are not always bound to specific timelines and are often happy to adjust their travel dates if they can save money.

This design represents a small step in the direction of a much larger flexible dates feature. It lets customers hover the price of a potential booking and see the prices at the same property if they decide to start their trip a day earlier or later.

Booking Good Deals: features promotions that are only available to logged-in users. I designed a banner that appears on the search results page which encourages users to sign in to access these deals. The banner uses a typography-based design to showcase bold copy inspired by the company’s television campaigns.